Thursday, March 22, 2018

April 4 Webinar: Three Questions to Ask Before Entering Data in Microsoft Project

Microsoft® Project for Windows has been available for nearly 30 years. Users still think that it’s like Excel and begin entering data immediately after opening a new file. This action is allowed in Project but I don’t recommend it as a standard practice. Here are three questions you should answer before entering data, and why getting the answer is so important:
  • Do you know the project start date? If not, entering a date earlier will either generate error messages or skew the date calculations.
  • Is your project calendar up to date? Using incorrect calendar dates may show erroneous schedule, work and cost distribution information in the project. It’s vital to understand cash flow!
  • Do you understand the hierarchy of calendars? In your project, which calendar will win in a conflict? Not knowing the answer may affect work and cost distribution.
These and other set up questions will be discussed in my upcoming webinar on April 4thentitled “Microsoft® Project Do’s and Don’ts: Set Up for Success”.

Just one more thing...
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