Friday, January 3, 2014

New Announcements and Opportunities

I have been away from the blog for a while, and if you were looking for updates or new information, you were probably disappointed. I’m back and the blog updates should be more frequent. Here are a few announcements and opportunities for you:

My MPUG Webinar coming January 8th titled “MS Project Do’s and Don’ts” in which I offer 9 worst practices in using MS Project is sold out. But you can still catch my Versatile webinar coming February 20th titled “Don’t Do This…” in which I will offer similar tips to those found in the MPUG webinar.  Sign up for the Versatile webinar HERE.

If you’re not doing anything in February and want to travel, why not go to the Microsoft Project Conference in Anaheim? The conference is great, there are lots of presentations on Project and Project Server along with Microsoft Project vendors, developers and me. Catch me in Versatile’s booth in the vendor’s area at the conference. HERE is the registration site. Have a look, sign up, and I’ll see you February 2nd through the 5th!